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Youth - Adults - Couples

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Understanding the critical stages of development across the lifespan and the many factors and life experience that can interfere with healthy development, we focus on prevention, early intervention, and healing trauma. We work with parents to promote healthy childhood development. We support youth to navigate a new set of challenges during this time, developing skills to better cope, and regulating emotions. We support adults and couples dealing with a range of issues in developing a secure sense of connection to self and others by addressing the root cause of the present problem. 

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Children & Families

Childhood is one of the most critical times of development. We work from a preventative approach and promote early intervention, alongside family involvement to improve therapy outcomes. 

  • Parenting 

  • Healthy childhood development 

  • Attending to child needs  

  • Going Through Separation & Divorce 

  • Conflict with the law 

  • Behavioral Concerns 

  • Bonding and connection

  • Support Regulating Emotions 

  • Developing Healthy Coping Skills 



“The capacity to be present with and understand and see the other human being for exactly who they are, and to accept them for who they are and to invite them unconditionally to be in your presence exactly the way they are, that’s exactly what love really is.” -  G.M. 

  • High Conflict Couples 

  • Consensual non-monogamy (CNM) 

    • Polyamory & open relationships ​

  • Same-Sex Couples 

  • Couples in transition - premarital, seperation  

  • Bi-Racial Couples 

  • Attachment Injuries 

  • Religious and Spiritual Based Couples Counselling ​​

    • Christian 

    • Muslim 

    • Spiritual



We support youth ages 13 and up deal with the many challenges that that are commonly faced during this developmental milestone. Teens come to counselling for a wide range of issues, some that are really big and some not so big. It's not uncommon to question whether your concern is worth attending counselling, but odds are if you are here it's worth it, and you're worth being heard.

  • Identity & Self Awareness 

  • Balance & Self Care 

  • Peer Pressure 

  • Trauma 

  • Going Through Separation & Divorce 

  • Conflict with the law 

  • Behavioral Concerns 

  • Relationship Issues  

  • Sexuality & Safe Sex Practices  

  • Self-Esteem & Building Confidence 

  • Support Regulating Emotions 

  • Developing Healthy Coping Skills 

  • Mental Health: Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Bipolar 

  • Experimenting with Substances

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