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Therapy Approach

In our efforts to provide quality care, we have taken part in specialized training programs in a variety of treatment models to offer individualized care. 


Psychotherapy & Counselling

We believe no two individuals are the same so we work in collaboration with you to develop individualized treatment plans to best support your needs in a way that embraces diversity, authenticity, attends to your needs. 

Student Interns offer low-cost and afforadable therapy to limit barriers and support a number of mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, trauma, couples, and individual support, family suppport, and address issues relating to neurodivergence, racial identity, black mental health awareness.

Student Intern Program

The Student Intern Program provides opportunities to connect with graduate level students with prior experience and specialized training. Our Student Interns offer quality care at reduced rates.

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Couples Co-Counselling Program

This is a specialized program run in collaboration with Abbey Lane Counselling. Primarily designed for couples impacted by the trauma of substance use. This program combines both individual and couples counselling.

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Couples Therapy

  • Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

  • Couples Addiction Recovery - Gottman

  • Attachment Injury Resolution Model 

  • Esther Perel Couples Therapy Approach

  • Solution-Focused Couples Therapy 

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Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy 

EFCT is the golden standard of couples work. It's an approach based on attachment science that focuses on identifying negative patterns of interaction often the source of distress amongst couples and aims to create strong connections.

Gottman Couples Addiction Recovery

This approach promotes early intervention, focusing on 3 main elements to reconnect couples:

assessment, collaboration between couple & therapist. Intervention is guided by friendship, conflict management, & shared meaning to promote connection on various levels. 

Attachment Injury Resolution Model (EFT)

This is an approach that prioritizes attending to attachment injuries and betrays amongst couples that get in the way or create blocks in the couples ability to communicate and proceed with the process of couples therapy to reignite what had originally brought couples together. 

Esther Perel's Couples Therapy Approach

This model goes beyond traditional couples therapy to incorporates external factor, i.e. adapting to the changing norms in society that define relationships, identity, and what it means to be in a secure relationship. Attention is on creating new narratives on what defines a secure relationship.

Solution Focused Couples Therapy

This is an approach to couples therapy that focuses on the strengths of the couple, what is going well and builds on that to help guide couples in the right direction based on their identified goals. The main focus of this approach is prioritizing the goals of the couples and guiding them towards their desired outcome. 

Gottman Method For Couples

The Gottman Approach promotes early intervention and focuses on three main elements to help couples reconnection: thorough assessment, collaboration between the couple and therapist, and intervention guided by friendship, conflict management, and shared meaning to promote stronger connection on various levels. 

Therapy Session

Individual Therapy  

Compassionate Inquiry

Somatic Attachment Therapy

Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy 

Solution Focused Brief Therapy


Behavioural Activation

Unified Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia 

Unified CBT for Generalized Anxiety / Excessive worry 

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Compassionate Inquiry

This is an approach that explores what lies beneath what we express to the world. It unfolds the layers of childhood trauma that have been implanted within us that is at the root of mental and physical illness that manifest in many ways. It focuses on enhancing perception, and healing trauma by attuning to our bodies signals.

Somatic Attachment Therapy

This is an approach to heal complex trauma through embodiment (connection to self). It incorporates a mind-body approach to deepen your knowledge of attachment. It focuses on repairing attachment injuries and guide you to an innate wisdom, by healing post traumatic stress, attachment injuries and mental health concerns.

Solution Focused Brief Therapy

A short term approach that is goal orientated. It puts emphasis on a persons present state and future circumstances. It may be an ideal suitable approach for client who have no desire to explore past experiences. Rather than focus on problem solving this approach is future orientated, geared towards solution building. 


This approach can be used in combination with other therapy techniques. It focuses on overcome life challenges, trauma, and overcome stress. It is a body-brain approach that explores eye positions in ones visual field to process trauma, with the concept that where you look impacts how you feel and vice versa.

Behavioural Activation

This approach can be used for those experiencing depression, post traumatic symptoms, lack of motivation, and loss of interest in things that once gave them joy. It aims to activate pleasant emotions, by focuses on developing behaviours that improve outlook and improve mood in the long run.

Integrative Therapy

An approach that attends to the unique needs of individuals and couples by combining different therapy techniques derived from various therapy models. The concept behind this approach is that there is no single therapy model that is applicable to all clients and promotes developing individualized treatment plans based on client needs. 

Unified Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Insomnia 

This approach was developed but utilizing aspects of cognitive behavioural therapy to created a structured program specifically designed to specifically treat insomnia. It uncovers the the root cause of insomnia to replace old behaviours and throughs that contribute to problematic sleeping habits with the goal of enhancing sound sleep. 

Unified Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 
Generalized Anxiety

This approach focuses helping you understand the factors that come into play that contribute to the development of Generalized Anxiety and excessive worry psycho-education (providing education) on topics such as intolerance of uncertainty. It uses a cognitive approach, experimenting with new behaviours and emotions to manage anxiety.

Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy

EFIT is an attachment based approach that explores your relationships history, including attachment with primary caregivers  to address fears and heal from past trauma, to develop new skills that contribute to awareness and ability to develop lasting relationships with self and others. 

High Fives


  • Couples Joint-Counselling Program 

  • Parenting Group 

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