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Our Mission

- Develop innovative healing practices, centred around individual needs -  

- Promote personal & professional growth through

self-awareness, compassion, &

trauma-informed practices -


  - Address gaps in the mental health system that has

led us to a pandemic where addiction & mental health has reached an all time high, and more children are being medicated than every before throughout history -  

- Offer equitable, inclusive, &

collaborative care that honours human dignity -


Growth-Defying Cycles

Stuck in the feeling of "same shit, different day"?


Together we tackle the cyclical patterns that keep you feeling stuck, hopeless, and impede personal & professional growth, so that you can break free and uncover your fullest potential. 

~ ~

It's when we become fearless in light of what life throws at us, that the masks come off, the walls begin to crumble, and life becomes limitless.

~ ~ ~

What You Can Expect Working With Us


1. We shift from problem solving to problem finding. Often what presents as the problem is a solution to a deeper rooted issue.  

2. We put emphasis on hearing your story, to gather information, help you make sense of it, and uncover what is most meaningful to you.


3. We move through sessions at a pace that is most comfortable for you to help you manage cognitive overload and break free from self-imposed barriers. 

We offer a tailored approached, provide guidance, evidence-based strategies, and personalized support, so you can break free from self-limiting patterns that prevent sustainable success. We delve deep into the underlying cause to unlock your full potential.

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