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Beyond Awareness was inspired by the voice of thousands of clients served over a period of almost two decades prior to offering private practice. Having the worked with diverse clients of all ages and varying family dynamics who despite their best efforts find themselves in a "revolving door of failed attempts" to improve, in addition to those who feel they have nowhere to turn. This highlighted the gaps in services, quality of care, and a need for evaluation. 


We know from the research, mental health conditions have reached an all time high with more people being medicated than ever before, and at a much younger age. This implicates that widely used conventional treatment may not be the answer, at least for the majority. It suggests a need for ongoing education and evaluation of services provided. 

Sadly, many professionals express "the client is not ready to change" rather than self-reflection and quality assurance. Which on some level may be true but for the most part our stance is that likely that's not the case. We are mindful in our approach to avoid assumptions and take part in self-evaluations. 


No one should have to suffer in silence feeling they have no one and nothing to turn to and go through life feeling undervalued. ​

Simply put the way to address this is by realizing that everyone has innate wisdom embedded within them where deep down inside they know what is needed to improve. We focus on building a stronger relationship to self, which can be a painful process but one you don't have to go through alone.  

Our role as a temporary figure in your life is to help you embark on a journey of self-discovery, one that will ultimately guide you in the direction towards fulfillment and achieving your desired outcomes.

Our Story

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~ Our Work is Informed By You ~
Your Voice, Your Experience &
Your Needs

Many of our past clients have a longstanding history of engaging in various programs and treatments that they describe as having too many expectations, criteria, limits, and lacks continuation of care where they eventually find themselves right where they started. This can be discouraging to say the least and more so a reflection of the barriers and limited resources available when you need it most.   


Like you we encounter experiences that are not ideal but we can make the choice to treat them like mistakes and allow ourselves to be consumed by them or we can take it as a learning opportunity for growth.

Of course easier said than done, which is where we come in.

You don't have to go through it alone. 

What We've Learned



 The lack of healing support 

is a social justice issue.

The best outcomes come from creating the right environment that supports your needs and promotes natural growth


Often what you present with is an adaptation or learned behaviour from your past.

It's a reflection of your environment, and how well your needs are being met and not a reflection of who you are as a person


We embrace diversity by creating individualized care which can look very different from one individual to another.


Without equity, flexibility, and compassion we only create more barriers.


Our role doesn't make us any smarter or immune to the same issues you're dealing with.  We don't guarantee the results you're seeking because for some this may be the first step towards healing and for others it may be the final step.

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