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Couples Joint Assessment

Couples Joint Counselling Program

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • 300 Canadian dollars
  • Online Meetup

Service Description

The Couples Co-Counselling Program is a unique program designed to support couples impacted by substance use, alcohol consumption, and behavioural addictions, that are present in the relationship. The program is offered in house and in partnership with Abbey Lane Counselling with the intention of providing collaborative care that involves two counsellors working together to offer both individual sessions, along with couples’ counselling facilitated by both individual counsellors. We use a relational approach to healing that addresses three different but overlapping recoveries: the person with the addictive behaviour/substance use, the partner, and their relationship. Throughout our individual work we focus on relationship to self, which involves attuning to our nervous system patterns. Our nervous system patterns are defense mechanisms and ways in which we have learned to cope. We become aware of our nervous system patterns through a deep exploration into self, connecting to our body, learning to identify moments or situations where our defences are activated (awareness), and developing an understanding of their origin (functionality), which often stem from childhood or challenging life experiences. This alone can help couples improve their relationships and prepares each partner to begin a process of intensive couple counselling involving both counsellors and the couple. Billing Note:

Contact Details


Don Mills, North York, Toronto, ON, Canada

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