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Your Journey to Self Recovery

Healing Trauma, Attachment Injuries, & Navigating Life Challenges, Through Connection


Beyond Awareness

“Trauma is not the story of something that happened back then… It’s the current imprint of that pain, horror, and fear living inside people.” B. Van der Kolk

The basis of our work focuses on attachment science, the impact of trauma, our fundamental needs for survival and various aspects of our identity often overlooked as people often only see what's on the surface. 

What's beneath the surface are things we ourselves might not even be aware of on a conscious level, despite our bodies’ attempts to draw ourattention to it.

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Mental Health Therapist

Zeina Hamouche 

Zeina has a unique background and has completed specialized training and experience working in a wide range of areas. Her focus is really to get to know the whole person beyond the stories we tell ourselves and what the average person may see and judge on the outside. Having gone through her own healing journey she understands the pain that comes with exploring parts of ourselves that we've worked so hard to suppress over the years.

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Sashauna Rhoden 
Student Intern

Sashauna is a compassionate, dedicated counsellor who radiates positive energy, and has a high regard for her clients. Through strengths based, anti-oppressive, and client centred approach she helps clients to navigate their inner experience while offering practical strategies to manage difficult and emotional states and life challenges. Sashauna takes part in ongoing supervision and continuing education as a way to enhance her skills and provide the possible care to clients

Therapist - Joint Couples Counselling Program

Karen Bollum 

Karen has a longstanding history supporting newcomers and applying  various counselling  and crisis intervention skills. She is a strong advocate who has taken part in initiatives to de-stigmatize mental health. Karen has proven to be a genuine and caring therapist who can easily relate to clients and incorporates cultural competence. She demonstrates a solid understanding of the healing power of connection. As an affiliate of Beyond Awareness Private Practice Karen offers individual and co-facilitated couples counselling through our Couples Joint-Therapy Program.

Online Private Practice
Counselling  Psychotherapy 
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- Couples -
We Guide You Through A Healing Journey To Self-Recovery 


 Our approach to healing focuses on what's happening beneath the surface and attends to the core root of the issue. Our goal is to enhance self-awareness and the ability to respond to the many challenges we face in life.  We believe that you have the capacity to make changes to improve your quality of life. 

James Reid